Apple / Mac Repair

Niagara Macbook Pro Repair Welland – Niagara – St.Catharines

We repair All Apple products! We repair Apple / MAC laptops, desktops and Macbook pro, IMac and We recover data from mac and apple computers! We are your #1 choice for Apple Mac repair of all kinds. We repair iPods, iPhones and more! Apple Mac Repair is what we do. There is no better place to take it then to us. We Give Free Estimates on each repair so there is no confusion on the repair costs.  LOW Cost repairs; Super High Value. We are the most skilled for your repair. Come by our Shop and see what we can do for you.

 We repair Mac computers of all kinds including IMACS,  MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, iPads iPods,  and other Apple devices.  We are niagara’s number one choice for Mac repair.  We specialize in Apple devices.  we can reload any version of Mac OS X,  we give free diagnostics on all computer systems.

We have repaired hundreds of Mac computers for both private and corporate customers. we are your best choice because we give fair price as well as we are police clearance certified meaning we are free from any wrongdoing most of our competitors cannot say the same thing.

Stop by our office for a free estimate on anything you need.  we repair screens hinges keyboards power jacks,  we can also upgrade your Mac,  we can put the newest software on your Mac.  we can put solid state hard drives in your computer.  we could test out every component of your computer to see what the problem is,  we offer free estimates.  most repairs fall in at about $99+hst. depending on the issue(s).

We repair MacBooks of all types And all Years.  we repair MacBook Pro screens MacBook Pro hinges, top covers,  we upgrade RAM in MacBook Pros.  we fix Software issues.  we can help you same day with any MacBook Pro repair issue you may have.  we have fixed hundreds if not thousands of MacBook Pros for customers both private and corporate we’ve also upgraded peoples MacBooks so they run like new.

We look forward to seeing you at our location.  2 Pelham town square in Fonthill Ontario Canada.  we can help you right away.



  • Spillage Damage on macbook pro and IMac
  • Dead Logic Boards macbook pro and IMac
  • Cracked LCDs macbook pro and IMac
  • Defective DVD Drives macbook pro and IMac
  • Faulty Memory macbook pro and IMac
  • Hard Drive Failure macbook pro and IMac
  • Panic Errors macbook pro and IMac
  • Black Screen macbook pro and IMac
  • High Pitched Squeal macbook pro and IMac
  • Ticking / Clicking from underneath the delete key on macbook pro
  • Heat-related Keyboard / Track pad Issues
  • Macbook  pro and IMac Fan issue repair
  • Broken Vertical Blue Lines Appear Down Display
  • Apple Mac Repair