Data Recovery from Desktop Hard drive

Data Recovery from Desktop Hard driveEach desktop computer, whether it is a Mac, PC, or Linux/Unix system, internally houses one or more hard drives that store your operating system and valuable data. Desktop systems may be less likely to receive the abuse that portable systems may receive; however, they are still vulnerable to component and mechanical failures.Symptoms indicating a data loss issue can include:Computer won’t bootUnable to launch applications or applications cause system to freezeSpy-ware / VirusData corruption / System freezes when trying to load data file setAccidental deletion of data filesAccidental formatFire and water damageClicking sound emitting from systemElectronic component failure (smell of burnt electronics)JTG Systems can recover your data from any drive, any manufacturer, and with any interface.interface formats commonly found in today’s information technology systems:IDE (PATA or Parallel ATA)EIDE (Enhanced PATA)SATA (Serial ATA)SCSISASFibre Channel

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