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About JTG Systems / John Thomas Gallie

Since its founding in 2005, JTG Systems has established a reputation for outstanding customer service in computer repair. Based in the Niagara region, our company has flourished over the past 15 years, driven by our commitment to rapid response, efficient solutions, and exceptional turnaround times. We take pride in our strong community ties and the positive impact we've made helping local residents and businesses. Our dedication to excellence is reinforced by hundreds of verified Google reviews and glowing testimonials from real users in the Niagara region who consistently declare, "JTG Systems are the best!" We invite you to visit our testimonials section or search 'jtgsystems' on Google to see the endorsements for yourself. You may even spot comments from your friends or family!

Proud partner of Crime Stoppers Niagara
About The owner

This is the about us section of JTG Systems, the company and John Gallie as an individual.

John Gallie, born in May 1985 in St. Catharines, Ontario, was raised there until the age of 13 when he and his family moved to Pelham, Fonthill. John attended AK Wigg, Glenn A. Green, E.L. Crossley and Niagara College. He developed a passion for computers and helping others at a young age and has been working with computers since Windows 95 was released. He spent many nights reading about computers and experimenting with his own gear, which has honed his skills in repairing both PCs and Macs. To John, repairing computers has become a natural skill that he has developed over 17 years.

According to John, "computer repair is a natural but learned skill. One can differentiate between a computer technician who only has certifications but no hands-on experience, and a real technician who can diagnose, fix, and reassemble any computer. Regularly stepping outside one's comfort zone and challenging oneself in all aspects of computer repair sets an expert apart from a hobbyist."

John has also trained in GoJu Ryu Karate / mixed martial arts under Tom Burtnik since the age of 7. He earned his black belt in mixed martial arts. This shows his commitment and confidence not only in himself but also in the work he does.

In 2002, John joined the Department of National Defence / Lincoln and Welland Regiment and began his training as a Canadian infantry soldier. During his three-year tenure, he underwent rigorous training to prepare him for his role in the military. He learned many skills, including urban warfare and tactical strategies, and was trained in all infantry weapon systems John is a certified small arms coach and scored marksman on his personal weapons test level 3. This experience honed his critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and he is capable of leading a team in even the harshest of climates into war. After his voluntary release in 2005, John carried the valuable skills and knowledge he acquired during his time in the army with him and has applied it to his passion; Computer Technology. Today, he remains proud of his service to his country and the training he received as a Canadian infantry soldier. Those years will always be valued and some of the best times of his life were in the Army.

In 2005, John founded JTG Systems, which was originally JTG Computer Repair. He changed the name later that year as the company was capable of repairing not just computers, but almost all electronics. His company has a VERY positive reputation in the community and is well-referred by all who know him.

With each repair, John puts his name on the line for quality and his personal reputation as Niagara's #1 Computer Repair place. The business's owner, John Thomas Gallie, is a testament to the quality of service provided by JTG Systems.

John, the owner of JTG Systems, is passionate about giving back to his community, and he found a unique way to do so. He takes on co-op students from EL Crossley, his former high school, and trains them in computer repair. John's experience in the industry has allowed him to pass on valuable knowledge to the next generation of students. He recognizes the importance of practical training and hands-on experience, which is why he is committed to providing his co-op students with opportunities to learn and grow. For John, this initiative is a way to give back to his high school, where he had some of the best teachers in his life. He is proud to help young people gain skills that can prepare them for their future careers while also fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Through his actions, John is setting an excellent example for others to follow and making a positive impact in his community.

In addition to providing co-op students from EL Crossley with valuable training in computer repair, John from JTG Systems also offers them a unique learning experience. The students learn on recycled computer equipment, which is kindly donated by John's clients from time to time. This initiative is not only environmentally friendly, but it also allows the students to work with a variety of hardware and software, preparing them for a range of situations they may encounter in the field. John's commitment to sustainability and community involvement is evident in this program. He is proud to offer a unique and rewarding experience to the students, who can gain practical skills that will serve them well in their future careers. Through his generosity and dedication, John is making a positive impact in his community and inspiring others to give back in their own way.

JTG Systems is proud to be partners with Crimes Stoppers Niagara. As a company committed to community involvement and safety, JTG Systems recognizes the importance of supporting organizations that make a positive impact in their local community. Crimes Stoppers Niagara is an important ally in preventing and solving crime in the Niagara region, and JTG Systems is honored to be a part of their efforts. By working together, we can create a safer and more secure community for all.