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About JTG Systems / John Thomas Gallie

Founded in 2005, JTG Systems has been providing excellentcustomer service in the Field of Computer repair ever since. We pride ourselves on helpingpeople and the good work we do in the area. Niagara region is our home base, We have grownas a business here over the last 15 years and will continue our Rapid growth based on Timelyservice, Quick Fixes, and Legendary turnaround times. We are the best, We will stay thebest. The Strong Brand backed by hundreds of people in the Niagara Region that Say, "JTGSystems is the best!" See our Testimonials Section, and The Google Reviews you see on theinternet. Simply type in jtgsystems in the Search engine and You will see us and the Goodwords Actual real users have left, You might even see your family in there somewhere or oneof your friends.

Proud partner of Crime Stoppers Niagara

This is the about us section of JTG Systems, the company andJohn Gallie as an individual.

John Gallie was born in May1985 and raised in St. Catharines Ontario until the age of 13 years old. With his family hemoved to the wonderful town of Pelham; Fonthill to be exact. Attending AK Wigg, Glenn A.Green, E.L. Crossley and Niagara College. John has been working with computers since the ageof 10; when Windows 95 came out. He discovered his passion for computers and helping peopleat an early age. Long nights reading about computers, fixing and experimenting with his owngear lead to great discoveries and methods on how to repair PCs and Macs faster than mosttechnicians can comprehend. With a genuine joy for computers and repairing them, for John,it has become second nature. It would be like asking you to tie up your shoe or do up yourjacket. It's a skill that he has developed for the last 17 almost 18 years of his life.

John says; "with computer repair, it's anatural but learned skill. You can tell the difference between a computer tech with a flashycertification; that has no hands-on experience or a real technician who can take apart -diagnose, fix, and put back together any computer! Stepping outside a comfort zone on aregular basis on the most expensive computers and challenging yourself in every aspect ofcomputer repair separates the men from the boys or a hobbyist from an expert."

Training in mixed martial arts under TomBurtnik since the age of 7 years old, until 2002, John has received many awards andachievements including obtaining his Black belt in Mixed Martial Arts successfully; showingloyalty and confidence in not only in himself but also the work he does.

John Joined the Department of NationalDefense / Lincoln and Welland Regiment in 2002, until his Voluntary release in 2005; helearned all that the forces had to offer him at his regiment. in that time he nurtured hispersonal development, stretching his mind to the limits in conditions worse than seen on TV."Winter exercise's so cold you thought you might not wake up in the morning." in the army,John was trained in various weapons and tactical strategies, such as urban warfare andoperations in the field, capable of leading a team of soldiers in even the harshest ofClimates. John was a certified small arms coach completing his DP2A course/certification.Where he scored marksman on his personal weapons test level 3. Learning to take apartweapons in the dark for cleaning can compare to the complexity of some computers, learninghow to take apart guns that are super complicated has trained John on how to put them backtogether in an orderly fashion, if it's taken apart left to right then rebuild right to leftit should go back together flawlessly. Critical thinking skills are always used in themilitary giving John the advantage when the situation arises. Problem-solving would beconsidered one of John's greatest strengths in any facet. in 2005, JTG Computer Repair wasstarted but soon later changed the name to JTG Systems later that year as JTG fixes morethan computers, they can repair almost all electronics.

in late August of 2005, John Thomas Gallie(Sole owner) started the company known as "JTG Systems". The owner's name is literally inthe business. With each repair, he puts his name on the line for quality and personalreputation as being Niagara's top computer place.

We have a positive image in our communityand are well referred by many locals we are known by businesses and homeowners across Canadafor our great work and timely service. Our office is located in Niagara; we provide mail-inservices for other areas or onsite technicians for hardware issues. We have experiencedtechnicians to meet all your computer technology needs from PC's, Laptops - We repair almostall electronics. If we can't do it, no one can!

We have serviced many well know businessesin Niagara such as Rock Way Glenn, IPN Consultants LTD., Welland Avenue Chiropractic,Accelerated Health Center, The Printing House, Green bean cafe, Salvation Army Booth Centre,The Smart Shopper, Lochness links, TELUS, Rogers, Cineplex Digital Solutions, Napa AutoParts, and the list would take an hour to read out loud.

We are past members of the St. Catharinesand Thorold Chamber of Commerce (2006) We are past members of the chamber for 2012 and 2013.

We have multiple awards, Donation to CharityCertificates/letters of appreciation, and Customer testimonials in our office knowing thatwe are a community-minded business, Trying to help You and the area we share. We haveserviced computers of Local Law enforcement officers and helped fix computers used inForensics for NRPS. We ensure everyone enjoys our service with trust and confidence inknowing you are being taken care of properly and professionally.