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We take the headache away when we remove your computer viruses.

Virus Removal niagara

Your computer is infected with a virus, and nothing you have tried seems to help remove it. We can help! Our Virus Removal Specialists provide expert virus removal services at an affordable price. In addition to removing viruses and other malware from your PC, we show you how to protect your PC in the future from malicious programs.

Virus Removal for Niagara falls, St.Catharines, Thorold, Welland, and area. We are Niagara's best choice for Virus removal.

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Common Signs of a Computer Virus

  • The computer runs slower than usual.
  • The computer stops responding, or it locks up frequently.
  • The computer crashes, and then it restarts every few minutes
  • The computer restarts on its own / does not run as usual.
  • Applications on the computer do not work correctly.
  • Disks or disk drives are inaccessible.
  • You cannot print items correctly.
  • You see unusual error messages.
  • You see distorted menus and dialog boxes.
  • There is a double extension on an attachment that you recently opened, such as a .jpg, .vbs, .gif, or .exe. extension.
  • An antivirus program is disabled for no reason.
  • An antivirus program cannot be installed on the computer
  • New icons appear on the desktop that you did not put there, or the icons are not associated with any recently installed programs.
  • Strange sounds or music plays from the speakers unexpectedly.
  • A program disappears from the computer even though you did not intentionally remove the program.