How to find a good computer guy! (like us or us)Skill setIt's important that the computer repair technician that you choose as a well-rounded skill set.(Which we do). Some shops tend not to have a large knowledge base and should be avoided.TimingWithin the day or 2 your computer is repaired (some other shops its weeks) Be Careful.. if they don't know how long its going to take, just run away.BillingDo they charge hourly or flat rate? a Good tech should be paid more than a bad one, a bad tech will take 2 times longer and Your bill will be 2x higher if hourly. so flat rate is important, We charge Flat Rate. Only onsite do we charge hourly and We are fast and thorough.EthicsIf the company doesn't want to repair the computer in front of you as any type of option don't take it there, Some repairs can't be done in front of the customer, however if onsite the repair is done in front of you. It is good business practice to be as open and honest with the customer as we are.ReviewsHaving good reviews is important and more than bad. Some customers will try and bad mouth a company to get free stuff; We don't fall victim to this type of ransome, and We ensure the repair is done properly and to the customers satisfaction; a timely repair is also important but can never be 100% guaranteed, especially on UN common repairs such as MacBook motherboards, etc. as availability of parts come into question which can delay a repair by a few weeks. Not typical but it happens.Just check with your neighbor or someone else about a companies reputation, most good comments are never put in writing.. only the bad ones are. make sure you are dealing with someone whom you can trust 100%. LocationWe are located at 577 Niagara Street, Welland, ON L3C 1L9 people drive from all over to get us, because we're an Excellent Computer Repair Shop. If were too far for you.. Then find someone who is worth driving to. its not about saving 5$ in Gas its about saving $50 + on a typical repair. The Shop down the street may charge 120, when were usually $80 for full service. so save $35 by coming to us for a small drive.After-the-fact serviceWe help customers after they have paid, most people want to rush you out of the store to help another non paid customer. Avoid those business's at all cost, were about the people not about the profit.Warrantya Good Warranty on service and parts is important that is why we offer a 14 Day service warranty on all repairs.