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MacBookMagsafe Repair

MagSafe Repair on MacBook Pro - Reliable Solutions for Loose Power Plugs

If you're experiencing a loose or unreliable power plug on your MacBook Pro, don't worry - JTG Systems is here to provide expert MagSafe repair services. We understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by a faulty MagSafe connector, and our team of experienced technicians is equipped to resolve the issue efficiently and effectively.

Common Problems We Fix

  • Power connector loose or broken: If your MacBook Pro's power connector feels loose or is broken, our technicians can repair or replace it to ensure a secure connection and proper charging.
  • Dead Motherboard (No power): If your MacBook Pro does not power on at all, it could be due to a dead motherboard. Our experts can diagnose the issue and provide the necessary repairs to restore functionality.
  • Bad Motherboard or Video Card: Issues with the motherboard or video card can cause various problems, including performance issues and display abnormalities. Our skilled technicians can identify the problem and repair or replace the faulty component.
  • Overheating and Shutting Down: If your MacBook Pro is overheating and shutting down unexpectedly, it could be due to a malfunctioning cooling system or other hardware issues. We can diagnose and resolve the overheating problem to prevent further issues.
  • Dim LCD Screen - screen not bright: If your MacBook Pro's screen is dim or not bright enough, it could indicate problems with the LCD backlight or inverter. Our technicians can replace these components to restore full brightness to your display.
  • Broken LCD Panel (Dropped or stepped on): Accidental drops or physical damage can cause the LCD panel of your MacBook Pro to break. We can assess the damage and replace the panel with a high-quality replacement.
  • Keyboard not working (Spilled coffee/wine or juice): Spilling beverages on the keyboard can cause keys to stop working. Our experts can clean or replace the keyboard to restore full functionality.
  • Keys Missing on Keyboard need replacing: If keys on your MacBook Pro's keyboard are missing, we can replace them with new keys to ensure smooth typing experience.
  • Computer speed or performance has slowed: Performance issues can be caused by various factors, including software conflicts or hardware limitations. Our technicians can identify the root cause and implement the necessary repairs or upgrades to enhance your MacBook Pro's speed and performance.
  • Computer system freezes: Frequent system freezes can be frustrating and disruptive to your work. We can diagnose the underlying problem and implement the appropriate fixes to prevent further freezes.
  • "Blue screen of death": If your MacBook Pro displays a "blue screen of death" indicating a critical system error, we can diagnose the cause and provide the necessary repairs to restore normal operation.
  • The computer keeps on rebooting again and again: Continuous rebooting can indicate hardware or software issues. Our technicians can determine the cause and provide the appropriate solutions to stop the continuous reboot cycle.
  • Noises and vibrations: Strange noises or excessive vibrations coming from your MacBook Pro may indicate hardware problems such as a faulty fan or hard drive. We can diagnose and resolve these issues to ensure smooth and quiet operation.
  • Noisy Computer problems: If your MacBook Pro is excessively noisy, it may be due to a faulty fan or other hardware issues. Our technicians can identify the cause of the noise and implement the necessary fixes to ensure quiet operation.
  • Spyware and Viruses: If your MacBook Pro is infected with spyware or viruses, it can affect performance and compromise your data. We offer comprehensive virus and malware removal services to restore security to your device.
  • Your browser homepage changed itself: If your browser homepage has been hijacked or changed without your consent, it may be a sign of malware. Our experts can remove the malware and ensure your browser settings are back to normal.
  • Data loss and Backup Data-Recovery: Accidental data loss can occur due to various reasons. Our data recovery specialists can help retrieve your valuable files and assist with implementing a proper backup strategy to prevent future data loss.
  • Motherboard Repair: If your MacBook Pro's motherboard is malfunctioning, we can diagnose the issue and provide the necessary repairs or replacement to restore functionality.
  • LCD Replacement/Backlight inverter replacement: If your MacBook Pro's LCD screen or backlight inverter is faulty, our technicians can replace the components to restore proper display functionality.
  • Touchpad Replacement: If your MacBook Pro's touchpad is not functioning correctly, we can replace it with a new touchpad to ensure smooth navigation and control.
  • DC Jack Repair: If the DC power jack on your MacBook Pro is damaged or loose, our experts can repair or replace it to ensure a reliable power connection.
  • Keyboard Replacement: If your MacBook Pro's keyboard is damaged or not working correctly, we can replace it with a new keyboard to restore smooth typing experience.
  • Overheating issues: Overheating can be caused by various factors, such as a malfunctioning cooling system or software conflicts. Our technicians can diagnose the cause of overheating and implement the necessary repairs to resolve the issue.
  • And More: These are just some examples of the laptop jack repair services we offer. If you're experiencing any other issues with your MacBook Pro, feel free to reach out to our team for assistance.

We Service All MacBook Pro Models:

  • MacBook Pro: All models including MacBook Pro 13", MacBook Pro 15", and MacBook Pro 16" with both Intel and M1 processors