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Niagara SD Card Data Recovery

Niagara SD Card Recovery

(unreadable or corrupted data) We recover your lost, unreadable or corrupted photos/videos from memory cards (or other flash memory). Get back your family photos/videos. All brand, all capacity.

We have been in Niagara for over 15 years. We specialize in Mac, and PC data recovery. We have also gotten files back from Linux systems and file type sets. Trust us when we tell you your card is in the best of hands. You get sick you want the best doctor when you have a data recovery issue you want the best chance of getting it back and that is us.

We are your best choice for SD card recovery in the Niagara region we offer complete and free diagnostic of any SD card if you need to get your photos off of the SD card we can do that. we usually charge a flat fee of $199, with no files and no charge policy. If we can't get your files back then we don't charge you anything. We can get SD cards recovered and repaired to the point where you can get your files off of it. Formated or corrupt SD cards, rewritten or formatted or incorrectly formatted, - we can get your files back. we have the knowledge, the skill set, and the expertise. we have recovered hundreds of SD cards from both corporate and private customers. people often come to us because they have overwritten their card while on vacation "I forgot how to use the camera" - and a rewritten over it. or partially have written over it. The likelihood is very high that I'm getting your photos back. We can get micro SD cards as well as full-size SD cards of any size. We are your number one choice for SD card recovery within Niagara, Hamilton, Toronto Area and beyond. we are the best, we charge you a small moderate fee which is usually less than half of what our competitors charge. We pride ourselves on our great work and our expertise. there is no certification for data recovery only courses you can take and even those don't have any certification from the manufacturers. our ability to recover your files have come from years and years of both practice and precision. we have the skillset and The knowledge to get your files back. If we can't get them back no one else can; we pride ourselves on being your best choice, our turnaround times are low our prices are low and our skill set is high. we have a very high recovery rate and we also have some of the best customers. we would like to add you to our list. Experience why JTG systems are your number one choice.