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Web Design & Development

Websites that make you money instead of cost you money. Websites that will be better and faster than anything you have been able to create thus far, pushing the limits of the internet to bring you wealth. Websites that are Truly Secure from hackers our code is custom and doesn't rely on WordPress.

Database Design & Implementation

Implementation of some of the most complex and functional web databases on the planet. Ecommerce and product integration, API integration and implementation.

Niagara's #1 SEO Company

You look around seeing your competitor making money and you ask, "Why not me?" It's because most likely you're not top-ranking or you are not ranked at all! We are the top SEO company in Niagara! The service we can provide for the price; is the NEXT level! No one can touch it.

Hello, my name is John Gallie and I'm the owner and operator of JTG Systems in Welland Ontario Canada. For the last 15 years, I have run JTG systems for that time we've been top rank in Google. My company has been in the top rank in the computer industry for over 15 years. We have over 450+ Google reviews that let you know when I say something you know it is true. I'm a man of my word. The amount of search engine optimization that we can do for you for the price cannot be beaten by any company even overseas. The tools that we have can automate the process and can automate the reporting that you get on a weekly basis; We provide Monthly reports so you see where you are ranking in Google and know that your website is going to be top-ranked and how long that would it take. We offer monthly search engine optimization packages to ensure the quality of work and a vested interest in your success. We keep you top-ranked and manage your portfolio, in regards to the portfolio, your website is your portfolio. The website either provides you with leads and new calls daily or it does not, We have seen some of the nicest websites where people have spent $5,000 or more on it from other companies and it won't rank at all. We have optimized lots of websites for local businesses in the area. With over 20 years of search engine optimization experience, we can provide you with very quick top-ranking results with longevity to ensure that you are top-ranked in your field in your category and that your first page in Google for your Search terms. We don't just get you to pick one or two or five keywords! We try and rank you across the board for all keywords in your industry especially all of the popular ones. We have tools that can create and make articles that no other company has.

We often find ourselves ranking the new customer within a month on the first page of Google. We offer only quality white hat SEO services. You have heard of black hat SEO I imagine, and how wrong you think it is - You are entirely accurate; black hat SEO should not be used on your primary domain however using search engine optimization techniques that may be questionable should be used on your Kijiji ads as well as your Facebook ads because Kijiji and Facebook cannot be penalized for black hat SEO practices as they are so large and the content they offer is public \ it would be a matter of someone posting something and then keyword spamming it and all of a sudden Facebook would take a penalty, and in that case that never happens. We can provide well-written content for SEO and for advertisements used across the web to get them top-ranked in a short time. We offer quality workmanship, and we also offer quality services and customer support to ensure that you were getting your reports on time - our reporting system is automated so be assured that you will get your report on time. please also understand we provide exceptional value for the services we offer other companies would charge triple what we charge.

Our SEO partner program

We are leaders in the industry for a reason! other companies use our service who provide SEO services to their clients. We provide white label SEO services so other companies can offer our great service on our behalf. The more customers that you can provide us the better the rate we will give you so you can make more money eventually you will move over the entire amount of customers you have to us and collect a healthy cheque in the meantime.

We rank you in more than just Google, Bing is also an important search engine. The work we do will translate to both Google and Bing to ensure you're getting the maximum amount of exposure for your money.

What we can do for you is the third party provider, is stay silent and offer you a level of quality of workmanship that is not been seen before in the industry. You honestly look like a superhero to your customer.

Google SEO Experts in Niagara Search Engine Optimization Experts in Niagara

Some people have asked why should we choose your company to do our SEO work other than another company? the answer is very simple price vs performance. How much work are you actually going to get for the amount of money that you've spent and where is your website going to sit once a few weeks or months have passed, sitting with us your website will be ranked on the first page for almost all of your terms, other SEO companies will give you a limit of keywords. sometimes you're waiting over 6 months for the results. We don't hold back on our customers we give the results right away to ensure you will want to keep us moving forward. We have been in the industry for 15 years, we have over 400+ Google reviews that comment on our character and the promises that we have made and kept. How many reviews does the other company have? how long have they been around? which companies already trust them? can they guarantee results? we can guarantee SEO results. Some results take longer than others but you do get results you wanted TOP RANK.